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Analysis and improvement of jaw crusher adjusting seat structure

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Practice has proved, in the jaw crusher long-term use or overload operation, adjust the seat is prone to problems, every other period of time, the user needs to replace the spring seat and the bracket, Sometimes need to replace the pull rod, use a lot of human and material resources, loss of working time error, increase the cost of materials, reduces the equipment operation rate, delay the progress of the project.

Therefore,MCC manufacturers are analyzed to adjust the seat structure. Below we from two aspects of reasons and solutions, to analyze jaw crusher adjusting seat structure:

First, the transformation reason

  • because of the spring seat is active, semi circular contact surface which can up and down and around move, violent vibration in a long time, the contact surface will produce wear, two pieces of rib support it (bracket) contact surface will produce wear, with the amount of wear and high, spring which support the spring seat loose, loose after not to close the action of the pull rod.
  • in the violent vibration, a spring rod susceptible to vibration and irregular, also easy to break.
  • with the spring seat wear volume increases, the spring will loose. When the spring is not the law of vibration, easy to cause the spring to fracture and fatigue.

Second, improvement scheme

  • the original spring rod hanger and hanger bearings removed.
  • in the improvement of seat structure, is in the jaw crusher main frame by welding back below two outside bracket (spring base for supporting the new production), the installation position of the spring bracket and pull the original direction remains the same, two brackets are kept parallel, making the bracket material 20 thick steel plate can, size and the original bracket bracket, just contact with the spring seat face new production is flat.
  • after the production of the spring seat, put the spring seat and the bracket are welded together, and firmly, the spring seat is arranged on the outside the spring to stabilize the fastening screws of the role. after improved structure of jaw crusher machine adjusting seat, can avoid the abrasion between the spring seat and the bracket, saves the the time of replacement spring seat and the bracket, but also saves the material, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; on the other hand, spring seat, the spring tensioning degree, make it to avoid vibration and irregular, prolong the using time of the spring seat.