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HPC Cone Crusher

hpc cone crusher

HPC Cone crusher is the main equipment currently in mining industry, the equipment used widely,has good performance, low using cost.MCC cone crusher equipment cost from 200000 to 5000000; quality and stability of cone crusher broken is the current China mining equipment manufacturing enterprise technology strength manifestation, cone crusher is our company important products, in the multi cylinder hydraulic cone have the reputation of the entire market;

Applications: widely used in ore crushing, high hardness of rock crushing, building material crushing, cement factory, quarry, concrete mixing station, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand.

HPC Cone crusher use conditions

raw material: not more than 200mm, commonly used in the jaw crusher broken, broken back as two three; the finished material: material outlet can be adjusted 10-65mm; (10 mm below is sure to die, to add sand making machine).

Better for non ductile hard material,no strict requirement for the refined grain (stone shape, needle, flake,).

The working principle of material crushing

when HPC cone crusher machine works the motor through the belt, transmission shaft, bevel gear drives the eccentric sleeve rotating, moving cone pendulum movement under the effect of rotating the eccentric sleeve on the broken wall and rolling mortar wall and sometimes near deviation. The material is crushed in the crushing cavity are being squeezed, impact, crushing material from the lower discharge.


HPC Cone Crusher Technical Data

Model Movable Cone Diameter (mm) Chamber Style Min. Discharging (mm) Max. Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Machine Size (mm)
HPC220 1220 Coarse 19 210 185-300 220 2726×1950×2182
Fine 13 105 150-210
HPC400 1570 Coarse 30 290 400-500 400 3447×2830×2977
Fine 16 135 260-400