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The hydrocyclone can be used for classification, concentration, desliming, can also be separation according to the material density difference. Hydrocyclone has the advantages of simple structure, only one inlet and two outlet, hollow column combination of a cone, the hydrocyclone is using centrifugal force to accelerate the equipment particle classification deposition , it needs to mine pressure.

About hydrocyclone choice

As the cyclone to different application occasions, structure parameters and operating conditions it is also different.

  • coarse classification.
  • You should use larger diameter and larger cone cyclone. And at high feed concentration and low work under pressure. Due to the highly small cyclone, centrifugal force is low, coarse particles can also be entered into the overflow.

  • fine grading and ultrafine classification.
  • At this time should be used in small diameter, taper angle is small cyclone, the centrifugal acceleration of particles and the residence time in the reactor. And take the low feed concentration and feed pressure.

  • sand.
  • The purpose is to obtain pure sand, minimize the shaly part. Should the cyclone large diameter, short tube, large cone angle, and work in a smaller pressure conditions, under the low concentration. So you can play flushing action sufficient agitation.

  • the desliming.
  • Objective from the raw material removal in the mud, and reduce the content of coarse grain. You should use the long cylinder, cone cyclone, and work in under the condition of low concentration, so that the flow velocity in the radial liquid is lower, the precipitation of fine particles.

  • concentration.
  • The purpose of obtaining high concentration of sand for the next operation application (such as filtering, dam construction, should be used in large diameter, large cone cyclone, and appropriately reduce the spigot and working in high concentration conditions.

Hydrocyclone Application

including classification, condensation, dehydration, desliming, sand removal, washing, ultrafine classification (such as kaolin classification). It has applied to the separation of solid catalyst from liquefied gas, separation of red blood cells from the plasma, from pulp waste recovery of residual fiber etc.


Hydrocyclone Technical Data

Diameter(mm) Feed opening(mm) Overflow outlet(mm) Flow-down opening Tapper Cone(mm) Cyclinder height (mm) Handling capacity(m3/h)
GXX100 30×5 14 11 20 275 60 1.5-9
30×7 15
30×10 26
GXX125 25×10 50 15-30 20 225 110 2.4-15
GXX150 40×8 20 15 20 326 100 4.8-54
40×10 30
40×2 40
GXX250 50×20 125 35 20 595 170 6.5-61.2
GXX300 75 125 50 20 800 200 24-60